Care For Life

At our sleep center we will treat the patient from start to finish, and help them transition into healthy sleep.

Our ‘Care for Life’ program affords us the ability to treat our patients from start to finish. No matter the diagnosis or treament method determined, we at Anchorage Sleep Center, LLC maintain an active relationship with our patients to guarantee the best quality of care.

If CPAP is determined necessary, our ‘Care for Life’ program helps with the patient’s transition to CPAP therapy as well as with improving their ongoing compliance. We do this by offering all of our patient a huge selection of mask options, and the ability to come back as many times as it takes to find the one that suite their specific needs. We also will mail the patient their ongoing replacement supplies directly to their home to ensure maximum utilization of CPAP equipment.

If you are in need of any CPAP equipment or supplies please click the button below to have one of our sleep specialists address your specific needs.

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