What is a sleep study?

For most patients, a sleep study is a key diagnostic component of a sleep disorder
evaluation. A sleep study is a non-invasive, painless evaluation of your sleep. A sleep study, also called a polysomnogram (PSG), measures your brain wave activity, eye movements, muscle contractions, heart activity, breathing and blood oxygenation during sleep. The information we collect during your study is reviewed and analyzed by our sleep specialists.

Do I need a referral for a sleep study?

Yes. Generally you can call your doctor and ask him/her to fax us a referral; however, we
are also available for evaluations and referrals in house. Our referral form can be found on our ‘patient forms’ page.

What are some of the consequences of sleep disorders if left untreated?

Decreased quality of life
Weight gain
Sexual dysfunction
High blood pressure
Impaired concentration or memory loss
Increased risk of heart attack or stroke
Increase risk of motor vehicle accidents

When should I visit a sleep specialist?

It’s time to see a doctor specially trained in sleep disorders when you have trouble sleeping, if you are tired during the day for unknown reasons, or if you answered yes to any of the questions on our ‘take a test’ page. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, it is important to have the cause evaluated in a sleep lab. You and your primary care physician should not assume that you have “insomnia”. Recent studies show that a high percentage (30-50%) of people diagnosed with insomnia actually have another sleep disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea. Also, it is very important to have your nocturnal breathing pattern evaluated before starting sleeping agents, because they may depress your respiratory drive.

What should I do if I think I need a study?

If you think you may have a sleeping disorder, call us at our main office (907) 743-0050, and we will be happy to assist you with starting the process.

Are sleep studies covered by insurance?

Most all insurance companies, as well as Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare, provide coverage for sleep studies. We will happily verify all your coverage and benefits information before your study is performed.

Can I visit the sleep center before my study?

Yes, we would be happy to give you a tour of the sleep center during the day. Please feel free to call us to schedule a daytime tour before your test.

What information will I need before my study?

When your sleep study appointment is scheduled your will receive a copy of the necessary forms and informational material pertaining to your study. This information can also be obtained on our ‘patient forms’ page.

What if I have special needs?

Please contact our office between 9am and 5pm, Monday – Friday to discuss your special needs requirements. We will be happy to accommodate your needs and answer any questions you may have about the sleep study process.

What should I bring to my sleep study?

Please pack as you would for an overnight stay in a hotel or spa. For the benefit of your comfort and privacy, please bring appropriate and comfortable nightclothes (ie. night gown, or pajamas). We have bathroom and shower facilities available for your convenience.

What about medications with my study?

Please take your medications as usual and bring them with you to your sleep study appointment.

Can I take a nap before my study?

It is important that you avoid napping during the day of your sleep study.

Can I have caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco before my study?

It is important that you avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco during the day of your study.

What if I’m running late for my sleep study?

Please contact our lab directly at (907) 743-0050 and let us know what time you expect to arrive.

What happens when I arrive at the sleep center for my study?

Sleep studies usually begin in the late evening and end at about 6am the following day. Once you arrive at the center, one of our wonderful sleep technologists will welcome you and show you to your private bedroom. The technologist will verify that all necessary forms are completed and answer any questions you may have.

Will I have my own room?

Yes, our sleep study bedrooms are private.

Will I be able to sleep with the monitoring equipment attached to me?

Most people do not find it uncomfortable at all, nor an obstacle to falling asleep. We make every effort to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Should any issues with your comfort arise, your sleep technologist will make adjustments. Your bedroom has an open intercom that will enable you to communicate with your technologist at any time.

What if I need to go to the bathroom during the study?

If you need to use the bathroom at any point during the night, you can call your sleep technologist on the intercom for assistance. They will temporarily disconnect your monitoring equipment to allow you to use the facilities.

When will I wake up?

If you are not already awake, you will be awakened between 5:30am and 6:30am.

Does the sleep center provide breakfast?

The sleep center is set up with a small kitchenette and we will provide a light, complimentary breakfast. Selections may include breakfast bars, oatmeal, coffee, teas, and juices. A refrigerator and microwave are available for your convenience. You are more than welcome to use the kitchenette area or ask your sleep technologist for assistance.

When can I leave the sleep center?

You should plan on adding an addition 30 minutes to your morning routine to account for time to allow your sleep technologist to remove the monitoring equipment. You may take a shower to wash away any remaining gels and pastes used with the monitoring equipment. If you need to be ready to leave the center at a certain time, please let us know when you arrive at the center so we can accommodate your request.

What happens after my sleep study?

A large amount of information is collected during your study. This information is reviewed by your sleep technologist, and finally our Medical Director. Once our Medical Director has review the information he creates a formal report that will be sent to your doctor.

When will my doctor receive my results?

It usually takes 2-5 business days for your doctor to receive your formal report.